Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas: New Figures and Revised Ones, Too!

We're back, and we have made some pretty good progress on the collection overall; to see what I mean, just wait until the end of this post!

Ok, here we go!

Yuri's newest creations. Also, he attempted to label the base, but the Dymo Labels are too big.

There's a couple of new guards at the city gate.

There's also a new, all-girl adventuring group in town, known as
The Battle Maidens.

Jonwaine and Del Tan Rah, final versions.

Feridan Lenslowe, aka Feridan The Farmer (Epic Level PC)

The Sphynx (with The Staff of Shadows)
Epic Level NPC

Ellis Kvar, final version.

Nimbar The Watcher, final version.

Tellerian Hawke, final version. Yay! I found some black hair!

Our collection is growing!

No, really! Look at how many figures we have now!

Well folks, that's all for now, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and we wish you all a Happy (upcoming) New Year!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Holidays From D&D: Lego Style!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I was recently on the Lego website, and saw this nifty greeting card generator, so I just had to try it out! It was pretty neat, and it lets you download your card as a JPEG image, which is really convenient for putting it onto a blog, without the hassle of hot-linking it to a URL which will eventually expire, the way some custom card websites do.

The drawback is the limited number of "fantasy-esque" costumes available, but the advantage is that I was able to give Tellerian and Osprey their proper hairstyle and hair color, and I was also able to give Del Tan his proper skin tone (he is an Eryptian, which is the Oerth equivalent of an Egyptian.) And of course, there are no weapons, but hey, this is a greeting card, for crying out loud! You don't brandish weapons at your friends! Ha ha. But I do wish it would have had accessories, like cups of Hot Chocolate or Drumsticks for the characters to hold.

Anyways, Happy Holidays to you and yours!

They look a little different without their gear, just relaxing at Robhuud's place, drinking Hot Chocolate.
You can actually see Nimbar's hair, since he took his hat off. Jonwaine is still covered up, because he doesn't
want to frighten the neighbors who occasionally stop by (he is still a Half-Orc, after all.) And without the Crusader
Helm, you can clearly see the family resemblance between Tellerian and Osprey.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

More new figures, and some old figures re-vamped.

Ok, folks, we've been busy little Brick Warriors...

Left to right: Del Tan (3rd Level,) RobHuud (3rd Level,) Tellerian (Epic Level,) and Nimbar (Epic Level.)

Close-up of Del Tan and RobHuud. These are final versions, unless their
equipment changes drastically.

The Brothers of War and Justice. Hawke has hair now! The only thing that
could change now is if I find a black wig for him. (His hair is actually Raven Black
in color. But all I have so far is dark brown hair.)

Tellerian is now taller, thanks to an extra block above the leg piece. He is 7'4" in
D&D, so I needed to find a way to make him stand tall.

Close-up of RobHuud, the Fighter / Mage.

Close-up of Del Tan Rah, Cleric of Pelor. His tunic is fancier now.

I gave Nimbar a new, shorter staff, to make him easier to handle.

Check it out: a tray FULL of City Guardsmen!

Here's the first group of four.

Here's the second group.

There's been some new guys hanging out at the local dojo.

Nimbar and his friend, Ellis Kvar, an Epic Level Druid. Both sporting
nifty new spell scrolls.

Mildanka has had a recent upgrade; now she looks like a
proper Elven Archer.

There have been reports of a well-armed Ettin raiding the local villages.

There have also been reports of pirate activity!

Well, that's all for now, folks. Our collection continues to grow, and next time, we hope to have a display case for the figures. Until then, Tally Ho!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Lego Hobbit Set 79004

Ok, so I found the Barrel Escape (No. 79004) Hobbit Lego Set on clearance at Toys R Us, so I snapped it up, along with 8 packs of minifigures (the kind where you don't know what you're getting.)
As it turns out, 5 of the 8 figures were usable as D&D figures, and we got some duplicates as well. The pictures below say it all.

This was on clearance.

Here is the set, assembled and on the bookshelf for display.
Sorry about the bad lighting / flash photography.

The minifigures: Oin & Gloin, Bilbo, and two Elf Guards.

The new minifigs: a female Centurion, two Mongol Hordesmen, and two
Swashbucklers. (That's the duplication I told you about.)

The Centurion.

The Swashbuckler.

The Mongol Hordesman.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Birthday Party [Lego Style!]

Ok, so my son, my daughter, and I attended a themed birthday party for a friend of theirs who was turning 10. The theme was centered around The Hobbit, specifically, the movies by Peter Jackson. I took pictures, of course, because D&D is largely based on the works of Tolkien, and Lego Hobbits go hand-in-hand with the idea behind this blog. This was a very well-executed party theme, and I am happy to report that the cake was delicious; the terrain was green-frosted Rice Krispies treats, and the houses were different flavored cake. The doors were made of cookies. Ok, on to the pictures!
When we first walked in, we spied the Dragon Hoarde!

These Dwarves look ready to FIGHT for the rights to this
treasure trove of candy!

There's Bilbo (invisible, of course) on top of the candy pile!

"I smell you, thief!" Smaug roars.

Going back to the beginning of the film, we see Bilbo about to go inside
for Elevensies.

Overview of The Shire Cake.

Yay! Gandalf remembered to bring the fireworks!

The Dwarves are STUCK in the cotton candy webbing!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Brickwarriors Accessory Purchase! (Original Figures UPGRADED!)

Ok, so here's the latest post; I finally got my Brick Warriors accessory order, and I gotta' say, I was extremely pleased! And I still have enough parts to equip an army of baddies, as soon as my spare legs and torsos from Pick-A-Brick arrive.

Ok, on to the photos!

The Upgraded Grey Cloak Council:
(From Left to Right:) Del Tan Rah, Osprey, and Jonwaine.

Del Tan now has a proper shield, thanks to Brick Warriors!

I love Osprey's new armor and greatsword!
Courtesy of Brick Warriors.

Jonwaine actually has a real hammer and hand sickle now!
Thanks Brick Warriors!

Tellerian is sporting his new Plague Doctor Cloak and Viking Longswords!
Again, thanks go to Brick Warriors!

Father and Son: Redux!

Remember my son's Cambion Samurai Wizard? He looks a bit more fierce
these days in his new Brick Warrior duds!

My son's mismatched Dwarf isn't so mismatched anymore! (Well, except for his shirt, but I will
soon have that problem solved.) Again, Brick Warrior accessories saved the day!

The Retired Samurai Villager got a new upgrade, but not from Brick Warriors.
I just gave him 2 Katanas instead of one.

The City Guardsman got a new Brick Warrior shield.

The Skeleton Guard got one of Tellerian's old swords, plus a Brick Warrior
Greek Hoplite shield.

Introducing Lord Nimbar, an epic character, and Tellerian's best friend.
In my campaign, he's the equivalent to Gandalf. All accessories courtesy of Brick Warriors!

Together, Tellerian and Nimbar make up the adventuring duo known as
"The Brothers of War & Justice."