Saturday, November 29, 2014

More new figures, and some old figures re-vamped.

Ok, folks, we've been busy little Brick Warriors...

Left to right: Del Tan (3rd Level,) RobHuud (3rd Level,) Tellerian (Epic Level,) and Nimbar (Epic Level.)

Close-up of Del Tan and RobHuud. These are final versions, unless their
equipment changes drastically.

The Brothers of War and Justice. Hawke has hair now! The only thing that
could change now is if I find a black wig for him. (His hair is actually Raven Black
in color. But all I have so far is dark brown hair.)

Tellerian is now taller, thanks to an extra block above the leg piece. He is 7'4" in
D&D, so I needed to find a way to make him stand tall.

Close-up of RobHuud, the Fighter / Mage.

Close-up of Del Tan Rah, Cleric of Pelor. His tunic is fancier now.

I gave Nimbar a new, shorter staff, to make him easier to handle.

Check it out: a tray FULL of City Guardsmen!

Here's the first group of four.

Here's the second group.

There's been some new guys hanging out at the local dojo.

Nimbar and his friend, Ellis Kvar, an Epic Level Druid. Both sporting
nifty new spell scrolls.

Mildanka has had a recent upgrade; now she looks like a
proper Elven Archer.

There have been reports of a well-armed Ettin raiding the local villages.

There have also been reports of pirate activity!

Well, that's all for now, folks. Our collection continues to grow, and next time, we hope to have a display case for the figures. Until then, Tally Ho!

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