Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Last of the Figures Made From Our Existing Stockpile

Ok, so here's the latest post. A few notes: I'm not doing the hashtags anymore; it's too much minutia to keep up with. Also: Just as I was finishing principal photography, my son came up with a last-minute creation that he wanted to add, so he got tacked on at the end, and does not appear in the initial group photo.
By the way, I have seen (on other blogs) complaints about how much Lego minifigures cost. Well, I don't know what your rationale is, but in my experience, most metal miniatures of good quality cost either three or four dollars apiece, un-painted. Most people (such as myself) don't have the time to the paint them; most figurine painters charge between 10 and 20 dollars per figure to paint them. I once got lucky, and got 10 figures painted for seven dollars each, but that's because I got a discount for bringing so many figures at one time.
That means that those ten figures cost between 10 and 11 dollars each. Let's go low, and say ten each. That's a hundred bucks for 10 figures. I ordered ten Lego men (with mix and match torsos, heads, legs, etc.) from Pick-A-Brick for about half that. Add to that the fact that Legos are built to withstand torture from the average 6-year old, compared to metal miniatures that bend and break from breathing on them too hard, and you come to an inevitable conclusion: Legos rule, dudez. I'm sticking with them.
Ok, enough jibber-jabber! On to the photos!

The Newest Batch of Figures.

Mildanka Firebird, Legendary Elven Archer (Epic Character.)

Clarissa The Dark Witch, Wielder of the Wand of Orcus!
(Epic Level NPC)

The Skeleton King (Epic Level NPC.)

Cambion Samurai Wizard (Epic Level NPC)
My son came up with this one! Cool, huh?

Dwarven Explorer With Dragon Armor, Golden Hammer, and
Titanic Chain Mace! This was my son's "last minute" creation I told you about.

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