Saturday, November 8, 2014

Birthday Party [Lego Style!]

Ok, so my son, my daughter, and I attended a themed birthday party for a friend of theirs who was turning 10. The theme was centered around The Hobbit, specifically, the movies by Peter Jackson. I took pictures, of course, because D&D is largely based on the works of Tolkien, and Lego Hobbits go hand-in-hand with the idea behind this blog. This was a very well-executed party theme, and I am happy to report that the cake was delicious; the terrain was green-frosted Rice Krispies treats, and the houses were different flavored cake. The doors were made of cookies. Ok, on to the pictures!
When we first walked in, we spied the Dragon Hoarde!

These Dwarves look ready to FIGHT for the rights to this
treasure trove of candy!

There's Bilbo (invisible, of course) on top of the candy pile!

"I smell you, thief!" Smaug roars.

Going back to the beginning of the film, we see Bilbo about to go inside
for Elevensies.

Overview of The Shire Cake.

Yay! Gandalf remembered to bring the fireworks!

The Dwarves are STUCK in the cotton candy webbing!

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