Thursday, November 6, 2014

Brickwarriors Accessory Purchase! (Original Figures UPGRADED!)

Ok, so here's the latest post; I finally got my Brick Warriors accessory order, and I gotta' say, I was extremely pleased! And I still have enough parts to equip an army of baddies, as soon as my spare legs and torsos from Pick-A-Brick arrive.

Ok, on to the photos!

The Upgraded Grey Cloak Council:
(From Left to Right:) Del Tan Rah, Osprey, and Jonwaine.

Del Tan now has a proper shield, thanks to Brick Warriors!

I love Osprey's new armor and greatsword!
Courtesy of Brick Warriors.

Jonwaine actually has a real hammer and hand sickle now!
Thanks Brick Warriors!

Tellerian is sporting his new Plague Doctor Cloak and Viking Longswords!
Again, thanks go to Brick Warriors!

Father and Son: Redux!

Remember my son's Cambion Samurai Wizard? He looks a bit more fierce
these days in his new Brick Warrior duds!

My son's mismatched Dwarf isn't so mismatched anymore! (Well, except for his shirt, but I will
soon have that problem solved.) Again, Brick Warrior accessories saved the day!

The Retired Samurai Villager got a new upgrade, but not from Brick Warriors.
I just gave him 2 Katanas instead of one.

The City Guardsman got a new Brick Warrior shield.

The Skeleton Guard got one of Tellerian's old swords, plus a Brick Warrior
Greek Hoplite shield.

Introducing Lord Nimbar, an epic character, and Tellerian's best friend.
In my campaign, he's the equivalent to Gandalf. All accessories courtesy of Brick Warriors!

Together, Tellerian and Nimbar make up the adventuring duo known as
"The Brothers of War & Justice."

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